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Type the numbers shown below, starting from the TOP line going from LEFT to RIGHT. Click the TEST ME! button when finished and your data entry speed will be shown. The numbers shown below have extra spacing between them for readability, do not type spaces between them. Press the ENTER or RETURN key when you see the word ENTER.
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1005.02 / 40.13 ENTER
6631.41 * 845.66 ENTER
2346.3 * 8990.78 ENTER
5041.13 - 946.2 ENTER
9344.2 - 7591.36 ENTER
1508.59 * 5622.56 ENTER
5380.18 + 4240.88 ENTER
3245.65 / 1920.2 ENTER
2360.47 + 6055.19 ENTER
5956.93 * 6289.35 ENTER

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